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Words From CMD

Massage from the Managing Director

Dear Friends,

At Stevia Biotech Pvt. Ltd we genuinely believe that Stevia has been in use in its natural form for hundreds of years and is naturally extracted, is a good product worth putting our time and investment. Stevia, when carefully extracted and processed, is a product that will improve the health of the world's population by providing a low calorie substitute for sugar and a healthy all-natural replacement for artificial sugars, which are suspected carcinogens.

We also strongly believe that every country in the world will eventually come to the same conclusion, that Stevia-based foods are a healthy option that should be readily accessible to anyone who wants to use them. We are not only confident that Stevia is the answer to health concerns like obesity and diabetes but also believe that it will take a major place in the fight against these issues and in helping people afflicted with them find their way back to good health.

Our mission is to encourage people to be a good corporate citizen concerned with the health of our customers and to respect the earth and those who work with it cultivating healthy plant like Stevia. We will prove our commitment to accountability with our dedication to maintain all required quality standards and will keep certifications to be transparent and available for inspection for adherence to standards. Our values include being a leading company in the development of Stevia as a healthy choice available to all. We will always extend our hand forward to collaborate with other partner, associations and industry that show the same commitment to integrity and quality. We are always eager to work with growers who are committed to the idea of sustainability and organic quality in the cultivation of this wonderful natural sweetener


Sourabh Agarwal                                         
Managing Director                                         
Stevia Biotech Pvt Ltd                            
New Delhi, INDIA