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About Stevia Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

Stevia Biotech Pvt. Ltd.  is a young and dynamic company heading to be one of the world's leading provider of Natural, High Intensity Sweeteners to the global food and beverage industry.

Stevia Biotech Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in 2004 and has made good progress with development plans - advancement in setting up JV partnership with world leading stevia growing and processing companies, initiating R&D in stevia proprietary planting material development, conducting environmental studies in different parts of India and plantation of stevia supply initiatives - initiating construction of state of art, extraction facility on modern technology,

And to become one of the world's large capacity crude stevia extraction hub by early 2013.

Getting into long term supply contract to supply Steviol Glycoside and stevia produced products to all major food and beverages companies all over the world giving more emphases to fast growing European market, currently company is doing third country export.

Our growth plans are well underway and we wish to achieve financial flexibility and strength to deliver on our strategic objectives.

Through our identified technologies, processes, associates and JV partners we are committed to become one of the major enterprise in this field, we will strive to continue developing with this rapidly growing global market in partnership with our blue chip customers and business partners in a transparent and responsible manner.

Company's vision is to take advantage of worldwide trends towards healthier diets and concerns over the use of non-natural ingredients in food and beverages worldwide.

Stevia Biotech Pvt. Ltd is targeting to be one of the world's leading providers of complete range of Steviol Glycosides to major food and beverage companies. Company aim's to maintain its first mover advantage in India by expanding its business in parallel with the rapidly growing level of demand for stevia and stevia products.

Stevia Biotech is customer oriented company and continue to develop current and new relationships with our customers in order to meet their demands for quantity, quality and reliability.

Everyone at Stevia Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is excited about its growth prospects and wish to be pioneering the extraction of high quality natural sweeteners. SBPL is the first company in India to bring Stevia in the form of Table top sweetener with launch of Consumer packs of Tablets, Sachet in Box and stevia concentrate liquid in bottles, blister packed under the Brand of SteviaLife® .

SteviaLife® is the very first registered and copyright brand of Stevia Biotech pvt. Ltd., in India. Today SBPL provides consumers with various healthy benefits including having no caloric content and a low glycemic index, making it suitable for consumption by diabetics.

SteviaLife products has a taste profile which is a credible, natural and healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. SteviaLife® Brand Steviol Glycoside therefore enables our blue chip customers to develop new products in response to consumer demand for healthy beverages, as evidenced by the falling sales of fizzy drinks and increased consumption of bottled water and juices.

Stevia Biotech product portfolio also includes Stevia and steviol glycosides, bulk zero calorie sugar substitutes manufactured by leading stevia producing companies and maintain ready stocks of various grades for supply to food and beverage manufacturers.

The company Plans to operate through its plantations and extraction facilities and refining and formulation development centre. Stevia Biotech is fully geared up to controls all aspects of its vertically integrated supply chain, from primary stevia cultivation through to packaging and sale to its customers. It is therefore able to tightly control the quality of product and cost throughout the process.

Stevia Biotech extraction plant is to receive dry stevia leaf from independent local Indian marginal farmers and contract cultivators under supply arrangements with various local agencies and semi-government associations in India.

The processing extraction plant in India to be of production capacity of 400 tones per annum of crude stevia extract. The extraction capacity will scaled up to 1500 tones by 2015.

Taking first mover advantage...suppliers of steviol glycoside to global food and beverage majors need to be able to guarantee consistent quality and volumes of product. This requires extensive qualification of plant and facilities and control of the cultivation process.

This highly developed supply infrastructure, plus the arrangements in place with local farmers and government bodies, provide Stevia Biotech with a significant advantage over any potential new market entrants.